Les Mamaz'Ailes


A Journey in "Mantras", in Sounds, in Voice,
in Music, in Vibrations

Songs, Sounds, Healers, Vibrant, Powerful, of Origin and Far-away Essences.
Each Chant is a Prayer, a Connection, a Vibration, a Message delivered to the Heart.
In yesterday's footsteps and the footsteps of tomorrow ......

"This album is a musical and vibratory gem!
It is an invitation to meditation, to connect with the most precious aspects of our Being, to receive the awareness of the Love that surrounds us and that we are. "
Carole Elimiah.

Pochette Album Mantra MEM.jpg

Album de Mantras du Monde "Mem"

Tableau album MEM Anael Azuria.JPG
Titres Mantras du Monde

Voix et Chants  Mamaz' Aile Gaëlle Boiron

Musiques  Mamaz' Aile Fany Porté

Réalisation, mixage et création graphique  Les Mamaz' Ailes

Visuel pochette   Anaël Azuria

 Mastering   Master Lab Systems

Label   Origins

Vous trouverez notre album à la page boutique

et sur les plates formes digitales


(Nous vous conseillons une écoute au Casque pour une meilleure Immersion)

Notre Univers Musical voyage

dans des Sonorités, Vibrations et fréquences élevées

allant du Contemporain aux Sons Chamaniques


Mantras, Chants Vibratoires avec comme Instrumentarium:

Guitare, Basse, Tambour,s Chamaniques, Percus diverses, Bols de cristal,

Flutes Amérindiennes, Tank drum, Piano, Shanti, Gong...

Warm regards to everyone

Carole was the first to listen to our album
and made us the great gift to offer us
his feelings precise, sensitive and of a great depth.

Carole Elimiah: trainer in personal energy and spiritual development,
shaman, therapist, founder of the "Sensitive Holistic Listening" method, speaker and writer.

Carole Elimiah

Carole  Elimiah.png

Anaël Azuria

Anaël Azuria

Touched by the sensitive work of the young painter Anaël Azuria,
we wanted to work with him.

He created the meticulous and luminous paintings

as well as the Mandalas drawings of our album


We used the audio mastering and the artwork of the cover at Masterlabsystem.

Having already worked with them, we appreciated their professionalism, their welcome, their ethics, their listening and their working methods (mastering done in analog and digital mode)

Masrelab system
Dominique Pébay   Anis El-Gharbi--Porté

Pour les photos de l'album,

nous nous sommes rendues sur le lieu pittoresque

de Dominique Pébay avec Anis El-Gharbi--Porté,

comme jeune et talentueux photographe.

Dominique Pébay   Anis El-Gharbi--Porté

For the realization of the album, we appealed to contributors via the "Ulule" website.

Many people responded generously to our request.
We can not display their photo but we thank them wholeheartedly, they will recognize themselves:

Caroline, Yannick, Martine, Sandrine, Pascal, Jérôme, Brigitte, Élodie, Sylvie, Jean-Luc, Gaëlle, Chantal, Jojo, Geneviève, Florence, Mathias, Claire, Marie-Édith, Valérie, Emmanuelle,  Séverine, Sylvie, Françoise, Karen,

Fréïa, Sylvie, Olivier, Sandrine, Jacqueline, Jacques, Marie-Josée, Yves, Rosine, Natasha, Yvan, Didier, Maryline,

Laurence, Ludivine, Bernadette, Arthur, Françoise, Dominique, Marie-Françoise, Lucille, Véronique,

Hélène, Héléna, Emmanuel, Iréna, Serge, Jeannine, Jacqueline and the people who participated

in the opening night of July 08

Hoping we have not forgotten anyone.
If so, please let us know ...


We are touched, happy and honored by these returns
and glad that the album is being used more and more by therapists
as a vibratory tool, for meditations, workshops, treatments and massages.
Great Warmest Thanks to everyone!

""What a marvel that your album! Thanks to Carole Elimiah and Claudine for allowing me to discover you! These mantras resonate deep inside me as if my cells recognize them. They say to you" THANK YOU"" Anna

"Waouh, magnifique cet album.

Transportant, enracinant, ancrant, centrant, reliant, inspiré.

Vous avez dû le composer et réaliser dans la joie, l'amour, l'unité, l'équilibre et l'harmonie"


"Sublimissime !" Freïa


"For my part, I had the immense pleasure of listening to" MEM "on the headphones: it's really beautiful, touching, mesmerizing, powerful!" Audrey


"Your album is truly extraordinary !! Congratulations" Rachel


"Thank you very much the album is great " Sylvie


"First listen today ... how to say ??
Gaëlle. ..The first word that comes to me is "wow" .. it will talk to you !! Fany. what modernism in music ... Go girls !! Proud to have modestly contributed to the release of this cd just particularly moving. Thanks and full of success for both of you" Caroline


"I'm a fan !" Brigitte


"This is a gift idea to offer and offer, this album is wonderful.It reasons in me deeply.These two artists of life, the LOVE of each being and their interactions, materialized in music, singing, mantras revisited, more generally vibrations, their contributions FOR a world in PEACE I listen to it in heart and encoeur, and this music softens manners, and enchants me ... THANK YOU, I WISH YOU BETTER, AS EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE " Sandrine

"Great ! Congratulations and thank you!" Matias

"Beautiful" Maryline

"It's beautiful, sublime, I love, a real gem" Liliane

"It is beautiful."


"Thank you so much, beautiful music and the voice is beautiful and very soothing !!"


"Thank you very much, really beautiful, it touched me a lot" Ludivine

"Your album is a marvel, it goes in a loop ... Thank you to you for these beautiful trips in us"


"You can listen to it, their CD, because it is extra-ordinary in the true sense of the word!" Anna

You will find on the booklet of the album:

For each Mantra and each Song of the Soul,
the lyrics in the original language
as well as their meanings and effects.

On all titles and on the album as a whole,
the feelings of
Carole Elimiah, what she saw, heard,
and on which chakra there is an action, an expansion, an opening.

"One sentence by" Music "... I would say travel."