Fany Porté

I was born a guitar in the hands ...

Well almost.

I started learning music self-taught around the age of 10, first with my guitar and then with other instruments.

I grew up in the countryside in a peasant way of life where listening and observing nature, animals and humans made me someone who was attentive and receptive.

Even today, my professional life revolves around respect for life and the transmission of the values ​​of life, through biodynamics and Steiner pedagogy, among others.

I had the chance to play music in schools, retirement homes, hospitals and on the street.

I quickly understood that the sounds that I produced had a therapeutic effect.

And that's really what motivates me in my creations.

The search for the depth, authenticity and joy of music makes me an eternal explorer.

I created sound tracks for other artists and became interested in music technique in the recording studio;
I did an apprenticeship.

My meeting with Gaëlle was decisive humanly and artistically.
An evidence...

And common desires combining art and spirituality.
Our talents are accompanied, complemented and harmonized.

In our creations, I am in my place and happy to participate in the great movement of humanity.

Mamaz'Aile Fany Porté


Gaëlle Boiron

Singer and therapist
by the Voice.

From my Traveling Voice and
curious of all beings,
of all the voices and all
the songs,
I walked the theaters,
and the scenes but also very often
at the bend of the paths,
I sang for those whom we visit little ..

In specialized places, homes and
retirement homes for people
aged, in homes and MAS for
people with autism, multiple disabilities, in
nurseries, schools, hospitals, maternities
neonatologies, prisons ..

I sang, lived and shared intense moments.

I wrote "Tales Beings-Angels" published by Perseus editions, category Young Sprouts.

I have always created my work, be it in the Artistic field or in the accompaniment of people, an autodidact course, rich of many experiences, exploration of various methods and beautiful and rich meetings.

Very quickly my research and my experiences around the voice, the sound of the harmonics and the vibrations, allowed me to note the beneficial effects that it had on the people, on their lives and on the being in its entirety.

Voice, respect, gentleness and humanity .. Singer, Enchanting and giving the hand to anyone who wants to take her in the footsteps of Self ..

I accompanied many groups and people (babies, women, men, teenagers, children, family, disabled, children with autism, people at the end of life ...) on the path of learning that is life and sometimes in delicate passages such as the great changes of life, the birth, the sacred marriage, the mourning, the wise steps of souls.

 The soul song combines and gives meaning to all aspects of my experiences, because from a Therapeutic point of view as from an artistic point of view it awakens and raises the one who listens or practices it with humility, respect and conscience.

Go to yourself, to your Son, your Essence, your Source in the cradle of origins, find your place, your Sacred Voice.

To sing to the heart and to give one's sense, sensible joy
to our presence on Earth ..

For oneself, for others, to exist.

Mamaz'Aile Gaëlle Boiron