Meditative Concerts MeM


Seminars Choir of Mantras


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june 14th 2019

at 7 pm

Dates of

Meditative Concerts "MEM"

Journey and enchantment by World and the Heart of the self



“ What beauty at Sénesse de Sénabugue's church!!


For their concert on the occasion of the release of their

album "Mem", Gaëlle Boiron, voice and Fany Porté,

music and sound universe, offered a unique sharing of vibrationsas sublime as deeply

incarnated, through the exploration of the mantras from different traditions.

What music can bring to the world and to the beings was there in a musical, human,

unclassifiable and new kind,

open on the promise of a soft world, soothed...

Thank you, thank you again... A word can be...Joy...

Long road to youtwo dear Mamaz'Aile... All around the earth...” Sylvie

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Meditative Concert "MEM"

Duration:  1H, 1H30

Scenic Space:  Minimum 3m/6m

Public: For all

A concert that lends itself to various venues and events:

Churches, theaters or concert

halls, dojo..

 If you want to organize a concert in your place, city or association,

please contact us, we can move everywhere according

to the conditions.

We present to you
our Méditative concerts

Journey and enchantment by the world

and the Heart of Self


Mantras, Sounds and 

voices from elsewhere
Deep and Powerful Vibrations

ancient and sacred languages: Hebrew, Native American, Latin, Sanskrit, Tibetan...

A parenthesis of healing and escape..

A real initiatic Journey in self,



For each piece, a whole universe, traveling in music and sounds ranging from

contemporary to shamanic sounds


Songs of the Soul,

Vibrant Music and Melodies,

​A concert taht feels good, like a Caress to the

Heart and the Soul

Concert Vibratoire église de Senesse de Senabugue

Concert Vibratoire à l'église

Senesse de Senabugue

Concert Mantrafest avec danseusesjpg

Concert Vibratoire au Mantrafest accompagné des danseuses Manoushka et Colleen de Arborescence

"Vibrations and emotions" Aline

"A moment out of time in the ineffable, the unspeakable Thank you to both   of       you   for this offering that touches the heart, the body and the soul" Sylvie

"Thank you thank you thank you ... A wonderful trip, magical ... I'm refreshed" Fanny

"Beautiful and powerful, a great trip from heart to heart" Florence

"There are colors that burst in your face, it's the case of the yellow, I felt it at the top of the forehead for certain sounds that were guiding me up there. are not kept quiet and the heart and eyes were decidedly crimson.Thank you Damoiz'Ailes" Sylvie

"The sound travels through all the cells and goes straight to the heart and where it needs to go - a moment of fullness.
Thank you thank you thank you" Chantal